Practice Boomers is currently being implemented by over 35 firms ranging in size from 50 to 1800 lawyers.



What the lawyers are saying...


“I used the business development techniques in this program to double my book of business in less than a year. I’m now one of the top rainmakers at my firm.”


"My book of business increased by 20% within a year of my first Practice Boomers lesson. I find that as long as I practice the techniques consistently, they pay off."


"Practice Boomers gave me the tools I needed to gain more clients/business."


"One great aspect of the program has been learning a lot more about our colleagues and their practices, which has already helped some of us identify new business opportunities for other members of the group as we pursue our own business development efforts."


"Practice Boomers has made me much more aware and conscious of my business development efforts. I now continually review and restructure my efforts as needed in order to get the most "bang" for my total investment (of time, money, opportunity cost)."


"Before Practice Boomers, my business development efforts tended to be entirely intuitive and spontaneous. While I hope and expect that my efforts will continue to be driven by these natural to me tendencies, they are now further guided by the more systematic approaches I have learned through the Practice Boomers program."

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