Our curriculum of business development video tutorials provide the strategies and best practices necessary to grow a sustainable practice. Designed with the busy lawyer in mind, each video has an average runtime just of 5-10 minutes and concludes with actionable recommendations so that lawyers can immediately advance their business development objectives.


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Rainmaker Habits

Build business development activities into your day so that client matters don’t dominate all your time.



Learn how to set reasonable, achievable business development goals.


Leverage Points

Identify your strengths so your BD strategy is appropriate to your personality and interests.


Referral Sources

Divide your clients into categories based on their likelihood to refer new opportunities and manage your outreach accordingly.



Identify leaders who can shepherd your career and open doors.


Warm Market Connectors

Build relationships with the key influencers in your professional and personal communities.


Your Market Niche

Target market verticals so you can more easily corner a niche and increase your marketability at the firm and in your network.


Establishing Credibility

Bolster your reputation as a thought-leader using these strategies. 


Personal Branding

Develop a “personal branding message” so that your prospects can find you, remember you, and refer you more easily.


Your Elevator Pitch

Learn how to articulate what you do so you don’t sound like every other lawyer in your practice area.



Get over the stigma of promoting yourself. Use these strategies to cheerlead your strengths into the firm and the marketplace.


Initiating Contact

Use these strategies to begin a dialogue with key client contacts.


Sales: Rapport

Lawyers don’t always like the word, but learning sales techniques will improve your effectiveness at pitching. This lesson shows you how to build the foundation to a good pitch.


Sales: Pain

Ask the questions that identify the emotional drivers behind your prospect’s need for legal work.


Sales: The Solution

Pitch a solution that goes beyond the generic so that you truly address the client’s needs.


Sales: Objections

Your pitch will likely be met with resistance. Know how to overcome objections.


Sales: The Close

Be proactive. Ask for the business.


Sales: The Follow-Up

Use these techniques to close the follow-up loop.



Seize untapped opportunities at the firm.


Client Teams         

These strategies will help you work within client teams more effectively.


Referral Generators

These strategies generate referrals and opportunities from your allies and prospects.


Client Advisory Boards

This strategy deepens relationships with your top clients and introduces you to new prospects and referral sources.


Mid-Term Review

A summary of lessons 1-24


Accountability Structures

A good strategy is only as good as its implementation. Learn how to sustain your focus through accountability.


Networking Groups

Learn how to identify potential allies in networking groups.


Trade Shows

A good forum for meeting prospective clients and allies.



Learn three group structures that deepen your contact with prospects and referral sources.


Social Groups

Social time provides an excellent opportunity for client development. Learn how to make the most of it.


Community Service

An effective community service strategy goes far beyond pro-bono work. Learn “give to get” techniques that lead to new clients.


The Rules of Referring

Learn the best practices of networking so you give and receive meaningful referrals.


The Ally Portfolio

Identify the “Allies” who will refer valid clients.


The Referral Log

This system helps you track the investment of time and resources you put into your business network.


Triggers and Assists

Communicate your needs to your network effectively so that they produce client referrals.



It’s natural to become overwhelmed with client demands and allow BD to stall out. This lesson will turn things back around. 


Improve Your Efficiency

Eliminate time-wasters and become a more efficient lawyer.


Email Management

Don’t spend all day in the in-box. Gain effective workflow strategies that keep you from getting buried in email.


Overcome Procrastination

Important activities (like BD) often get deferred when they don’t come with a deadline. Learn how to avoid “I’ll get to it someday.” 


Social Media Marketing

For the modern lawyer, social media is not an option, it’s a necessity. Develop your social media strategy so you don’t waste time online.


Social Media Prospecting

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful, and underutilized prospecting tools available to you. Learn how to use it effectively.


Using your Blog to Prospect

This blogging strategy puts you in front of prospective clients and key influencers.


LinkedIn: Best Practices

Make sure your LinkedIn profile communicates an effective digital brand.


LinkedIn: Goals and Strategies

Advanced LinkedIn strategies for prospecting specific contacts.


Client Connections

Site visits are a critical component in your BD strategy.


Effective Presentations

An important skill in your arsenal – learn how to engage your audience and demonstrate your value.



Understand how to promote your services without compromising your character.


Client Negotiation

Learn how to navigate fee-sensitive clients while preserving the relationship.



A lawyers’ risk-aversion can sabotage business development. Develop the ability to overcome the reservations that hold you back.  



Get prospects and Allies to see it your way.


How to Inspire Loyalty

Loyalty is a critical element to both external and internal marketing. Find the champions who will go to bat for you. 


Program Review

A summary of the curriculum.




Got 5 minutes? Watch one of these sample videos.


Elevator Pitch: Introduce yourself in a brief, memorable way that invites referrals

Institutional Targeting: Identify and attract the right clients

Cross-Selling: Find opportunities that simultaneously help your clients and leverage the firm.