Trackers Preview Video

Lawyers participating in the program use the Progress Tracker to focus their efforts and maintain consistency.Firms receive a monthly report detailing each attorney's Tracker activity to monitor progress and accrue valuable performance metrics. These activities are the precursors to a sustainable book of business. Read about the results we've produced for firms here.

The tracker measures the progress indicators we have found to be most crucial to business development. They include non-billable client development time, the number of professional alliances added to the lawyer's network, and the actions that nurture those alliances. The Practice Boomers Tracker is customizable. Firms can identify and capture the metrics that fit best with their training strategy. Below are some examples of business development metrics used by firms.

  • Launch new prospect relationship (e.g., meet key contact at conference and follow-up with a meeting
  • Nurture existing relationship (e.g., take an existing client or referral source to lunch)
  • Contribute a referral or introduction to a key contact
  • Visit a client site
  • Achieve measurable increase in adoption of the firm's CRM
  • Write and publish an article or blog
  • Present to a target-rich audience at a trade conference or CLE
  • Ask for a piece of business or referral from an existing key contact
  • Receive an incoming referral